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I decided to create
MOM'S GUIDE TO SPORTS when I realized I had
children who played "every sport known to man" and I was
uninformed about most of them. My son played soccer, then
baseball, and later it was wrestling and golf. My daughter swam,
played basketball, field hockey and volleyball.
Vicki Poretta,
Creator, Mom's Guide to Sports
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I did attempt to learn the rules of these various sports by reading sports books which were written by and
for coaches and sports savvy people.... I was not one of them! The books were too detailed and involved.
I only wanted to know the parts of a game that were important to me and my children.

"What do I need to play this sport; how long is a game; where is he/she on the field if he/she is a forward
or wing; and what are those referees signaling?" Also, I needed to know the "lingo" so I could converse
with my child or other parents on the sidelines.

I did think (aloud) "With all the sports my kids play...there should be a

There it is, my Eureka moment!

With that in mind, I created the
MOM'S GUIDE TO SPORTS pamphlets . These are four paneled,
laminated publications that can be used as an aid to parents, kids, and anyone else interested in
learning about a particular sport. Currently, there are 12 different pamphlet guides: baseball, basketball,
field hockey, football, ice hockey, golf, men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and
volleyball. Each guide lays out the most important rules and regulations of the sport in question. Using
fun graphics and "mom friendly" definitions, these guides are a great way to quickly learn about the
sports your children love!

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